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Canadian Government Pushing Drugs

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Canadian Government Pushing Drugs

UPDATE: June 21st, 2018

Bill C-45 passed in the House of Commons and received Royal assent on June 21st. The Trudeau government announced that it will bring the law into effect on October 17th. This makes Canada only the second country in the world after Uruguay to completely decriminlize this harmful narcotic.

UPDATE: June 8th, 2018

After a debate that ran into the night, the Senate finally capitulated and passed Bill C-45 yesterday, with amendments. Conservative senators fought long and hard against this dangerous bill, but liberal and liberal-appointed senators simply out-voted them. Now the Bill returns to the House of Commons for further debate and possible revision. But with the Trudeau liberals firmly in control there, this Bill will be even more difficult to stop.

UPDATE: June 4th, 2018

What was supposed to be a quick sprint through the senate has turned into an obstacle course for Bill C-45 (the "Cannabis Act"). This is in no small part due to the thousands of concerned Canadians who have signed our petition!

Now, after five Senate committees have analysed and reviewed the legislation, the final vote on the Bill is scheduled for Thursday, June 7th. Senator Tony Dean, the sponsor of the Bill, is confident of its passage. He says, "Look I think this is good public policy. I think that the vote will be affirmative. I think our legislation will pass.”

Many groups are concerned that the dangers of marijuana legalization are being ignored by the Bill's supporters. In Colorado, where marijuana was legalized in 2014, new problems are surfacing, including a drastic increase in crime. (Watch this video report from the Today show: 

If approved by the senate, Bill C-45 will return to the House of Commons, where the Trudeau liberals are expected to expedite passage.

Therefore this may be our last chance to stop the Bill in its tracks and save our children and communities from irrevocable harm. Bill C-45 not only legalizes marijuana across the board, it specifiaclly allows children over 11 to use, carry, and share up to 10 joints at a time. It will normalize marijuana use and open up ready access to it in our communities. The "druggie culture" that has been, until now, on the periphery of society will become mainstream.

Please sign and share our petition in order to get a NO vote from the senate on this irresponsible legislation.

UPDATE: Feb. 28th, 2018

Our petition is making a difference! Thankfully, Bill C-45 (the "Cannabis Act") is now meeting with extended opposition and scrutiny in the Senate.

We received an e-mail response to our petition on Feb. 2 from Senator André Pratte, one of the proponents of legalized marijuana. He indicated that the Senate would be studying the issue "very meticulously".

Then, on Feb. 15, the Senate adopted a motion to submit Bill C-45 for further study by four different Senate committees. These committees are expected to report back by May 1.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau and his liberal government had originally hoped for Bill C-45 to breeze through the Senate. But thanks to rising Canadian opposition from citizens like us, this is turning out to be more difficult than they had anticipated.

If you have not already signed, please do so today! If you have signed, please be sure to share this petition with your family and friends. We need to protect our youth, families, and communities from this wide-open legalization of marijuana. Let's keep speaking out, because our voices are indeed being heard.

We are possibly days away from yet another destructive blow to Canadian society and Canadian families.

Under the direction of prime minister Justin Trudeau, the governing liberals have been pushing through legislation to legalize marijuana (also called cannabis). This will make Canada only the second nation in the world (after Uruguay) to fully legalize this dangerous, mind-altering drug.

Last November, Bill C-45, the “Cannabis Act”, passed the House of Commons with full liberal support. Now it only remains to be approved by the Senate before receiving royal assent. The Senate is scheduled to return from its Christmas break on January 30th. When our senators return, they can vote on C-45 at any time!

Bill C-45 allows anyone over age 17 to freely possess marijuana in any amount. It only restricts their “public” use (and sharing!) of the drug to 30 grams at a time (equal to 60 joints). Growing marijuana plants at home is also permitted. Canada is set to become a druggie haven! 

In addition, Bill C-45 explicitly permits children over age 11 to freely possess, use, and even share marijuana up to 5 grams at a time (10 joints). There is absolutely no recourse if a minor is seen carrying, using, or handing out marijuana. A kid could literally take ten joints from his parents’ stash, hand it out to his friends, go back home, take another ten, hand them out, and keep doing it as often as he wants. What will this do to the environment at our schools and in our neighbourhoods?

Of course, once marijuana is legal, it will not be long before people consider it a “right”! Then how will we get it out of the hands of our young people? The time to stop this is NOW! As parents, grandparents, and citizens, God has given us a responsibility to look out for our kids and the kids of our nation!

In its online guide to legalization, the government admits the danger: “There are real public health and safety risks associated with cannabis use, including how it affects the way young people develop.” 

In a critical report, the Quebec Association of Psychiatrists writes: “Scientific research has demonstrated that the human brain continues to develop until the approximate age of 25... In brain imaging, one can see the lesions caused by THC [the drug in cannabis] in teenagers, including a reduction in brain volume, a sliming of the cortex, reduced neuronal connectivity, and changes in the structure of the white matter. Moreover, functional imaging shows that such brains need to work harder to execute tasks, thus compensating for the lesions.”

The use of cannabis for medical purposes has been legal since 2001. For those with a legitimate medical condition, there is no violation of the current law. However, what the Canadian government is pushing is full-out liberalization, allowing anyone over age 11 to use (and share!) this harmful drug at will.

It is an opportunistic move that is sure to fill the government coffers with marijuana tax money. However, it shows a deep disregard for our Canadian society and our Canadian youth.

We must call on senators to reject this legislation. We must let them know NOW that we do not want Canada to become a druggie haven. We do not want the use of marijuana “normalized”. We do not want it in the hands of our kids. The effects of Bill C-45 on children, families, and society will be devastating!

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Concern with Bill C-45

Honourable Senators, 

We are deeply concerned with Bill C-45, the “Cannabis Act”, especially its impact on Canada’s children and youth. The current wording permits kids as young as 12 to both use and share this dangerous drug – a drug proven to harm their developing brains! Under this legislation, kids will be able to use marijuana and pass it out to their friends, and there will be nothing anyone can do! And since adults will be permitted to keep unlimited, unsecured stashes of marijuana, youth will find it easy to access, even if they are not permitted to buy it themselves.

We care about our country and our youth. We do not want Canada to become a druggie haven. We do not want the use of marijuana “normalized”. We do not want it in the hands of our kids. Please help us to protect our kids by opposing this harmful bill.

[Your Name]

Canadian Government Pushing Drugs

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20,392 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.