X Factor Malta/TVM: Don't Censor Christians...Restore Matthew Grech's full interview to YouTube

"Liberals" in danger of becoming what they say they hate: Censorious, narrow-minded despots. Restore Matthew Grech's interview now!


X Factor Malta/TVM: Don't Censor Christians...Restore Matthew Grech's full interview to YouTube

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X Factor Malta/TVM: Don't Censor Christians...Restore Matthew Grech's full interview to YouTube

'X Factor Malta' is a talent-contest programme which is locally produced by, and, shown on, TVM, Malta's public service TV broadcaster. TVM is part of the Public Broadcasting Services, Ltd (Malta), a company which is funded by government grants, as well as commercial advertising.

"Government grants" is another way of saying "tax-payer-funded". And, also, it should be noted that the Chairperson and Board of Directors of PBS (Malta) are appointed by the Government. All of this means that PBS (Malta), and, therefore, TVM are partly owned by the people of Malta. As such, TVM has a duty to provide all of the people of Malta fair and unbiased reporting of news, as well as balanced educational and entertainment programming.

This does not mean that nothing controversial can be broadcast. But, apparently, that's how the executives at TVM and the 'X Factor Malta' feel.

In late October, the 'X Factor Malta' were conducting auditions for its new season, and contestant Matthew Grech sang for the panel of judges. He also gave an interview in which he challenged the popular narrative which says that people who engage in a homosexual lifestyle can never change their way of life.

In the interview, Grech stated:

"I had been in the homosexual lifestyle. After finding my faith in Christ, I appreciated the design that God created. He created marriage between man and woman, and everything that is outside of marriage context is not God’s will, and therefore falls under the category of sin.

This does not mean that man and man cannot love each other, and that woman and woman cannot love each other. There are some who don’t understand the biblical message correctly and ask questions. Sexual love is only reserved for man and woman who are married in Christ. This message is not addressed to those who don’t want God in their life. This message is addressed to those who desire to walk in God’s righteousness. I am single and happy, and open to get married to the woman of my life."

So, rather than confront the Maltese Government over its decision to ban conversion therapy in 2016, or address other aspects of LGBT politics, Grech chose to speak about his conversion to Christ and the effect this conversion had on his life and his beliefs.

What happened next? Predictably, complaints were made and his interview was cut from the original video on YouTube. Now, all that can be seen is his singing audition, as the interview was censored from public view.

Also, the Maltese Government added its own condemnation of Grech's violation of politcal correctness. But, since they could not publicly condemn him for his conversion to Christ, they had to put words into his mouth and accuse him of something which he did not do in his interview - namely, bring up "gay conversion therapy".

Nevertheless, his interview and true, Christian conversion story was censored from the original video.

This injustice needs to be corrected. The people of Malta are living in a democracy - where there ought to be a free-flow of ideas...where opposing ideas can actually meet and be discussed and debated.

When an idea is neither obscene, nor violence or hate-filled (which Matthew's obviously aren't), free speech should be observed.

Offense being taken is not enough reason to censor a fair idea, peacefully presented.

Christians must be allowed to speak of sin in public, without fear of being silenced. Otherwise, the "liberals" now in control of the levers of power will become, to the voting public, the thing they so often say they detest: illiberal, narrow-minded, ideological tyrants.

This petition - directed to the Chairperson and Board of PBS (Malta) and to Malta's Ombudsman - calls on PBS (Malta), TVM and 'X Factor Malta' to restore Matthew Grech's full interview to YouTube. In doing so, the public interest will be served by allowing inquiring minds to see this important issue from a different perspective.

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YouTube Video without the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7Amh0R1s5I

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Restore Matthew Grech's Full Interview to YouTube - Don't Censor Freedom of Speech

For the Kind Attention Of:

  • Chairperson of Public Broadcasting Services (Malta) - Cav. Dr Anthony Portughese
  • Deputy Chairperson of Public Broadcasting Services (Malta) - Mr Albert Marshall BA Grad. Dip. MA
  • Director of Public Broadcasting Services (Malta) - Dr Edward Cassar Delia, OT, SROT, BSc (Hons.)
  • Director of Public Broadcasting Services (Malta) - Ms Adriana Maria Zarb Adami
  • Director of Public Broadcasting Services (Malta) - Mr Paul Vella
  • Director of Public Broadcasting Services (Malta) - Dr Claire Bonello, LLD
  • Director of Public Broadcasting Services (Malta) - Dr Frank Portelli
  • Director of Public Broadcasting Services (Malta) - Mr Tony Cassar Darien
  • Parliamentary Ombudsman of Malta - Mr Anthony C. Mifsud
  • CC'ed to Minister for European Affairs and Equality - Hon Dr Helena Dalli MP

The Public Broadcasting Services, Ltd (Malta) manage TVM, which is one of the local producers of the talent-contest programme, 'X Factor Malta'.

And, while the Board of the Public Broadcasting Services are appointed by the Government, they (and, TVM) receive funding from tax-payers - and, therefore, are ultimately responsible to the tax-paying residents of Malta.

As the public broadcaster of Malta, TVM has a duty to "inform, educate and entertain" the public in an unbiased manner.

Therefore, the removal of Matthew Grech's 'X Factor Malta' interview from the video uploaded to YouTube, after his audition and after it aired on TVM, should be seen for what it is: unfounded bias and censorship of a man who tacitly challenges the popular narrative regarding the LGBT agenda, in general, and the homosexual lifestyle, specifically.

Grech did not confront the current anti-conversion therapy law, but, rather, spoke of his conversion to Christ and how that conversion changed his worldview and his behaviour. Yes, he spoke of sin, but not in a judgemental or hateful manner.

Democracy is supposed to allow for an open marketplace of ideas, where the best ones are then debated in the public square. But, when good ideas are censored, the intellectual marketplace becomes less free.

Opposing ideas - which are clearly not hate-filled - demand the opportunity to be heard by the public, especially when the origin is the tax-payer-funded public broadcaster. If such ideas are weaker, they will fall for their own lack of substance. But, censoring such ideas will only confirm in the public the sense that they are only being told half the story...and, that those who govern Malta consider them (the general public) to be unable to decide for themselves on important matters.

We, the undersigned, believe that Matthew Grech's full 'X Factor Malta' interview should be restored to the current YouTube video, which is only the partial, censored version. The tenets of democracy - especially, where freedom of speech and freedom of religion is concerned - demand it.

Thank you for your serious consideration.

[Your Name]

X Factor Malta/TVM: Don't Censor Christians...Restore Matthew Grech's full interview to YouTube

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409 people have signed. Help us reach 500 signatures.