Stop the worldwide push for 'DIY abortion'

Petition to G20 leaders


Stop the worldwide push for 'DIY abortion'

295,908 people have signed. Help us reach 500,000 signatures.

Stop the worldwide push for 'DIY abortion'

Abortion activists worldwide are working on a new and terrible plan.

Home abortion.

They have already coordinated to launch this idea in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom… with, no doubt, more countries soon to follow.

Sadly Germany and the UK have in fact already accepted their proposal by making it part of a set of coronavirus-related measures.

That is how fast things can go when bad lobbyists and bad politicians come together...

The abortion activists’ pitch goes as follows:

Women are having a difficult time getting to abortion clinics safely, because of the coronavirus situation in different countries.

Therefore we should implement measures to let women be prescribed abortion pills by their General Practicioner, even after only a telephone or videoconference consultation (so called "telemedicine").

Next the pills would be delivered by post.

Women can then have an abortion at home.

The consequences are clear. Getting an abortion will be easier than ever. The number of unborn babies that are killed will increase. More women will be put at risk. And more taxpayer funds will flow to the abortion industry.

And you can be sure the abortion lobby will never give up this simple and straightforward pathway to kill babies, endganger women and fill their bank accounts!

We cannot just let this happen… Let’s urge our governments to have the courage and wisdom to not cave in to the powerful abortion lobby.

Please, sign this petition addressed to G20 leaders to insist they do not go along with this terrible plan to approve “home abortion”.

The aim of the abortion lobbyists is, clearly, to make abortion more accessible.

The tens of millions of unborn babies that are aborted each year are apparently not enough for them. Nor are the billions of dollars they "earn" for their gruesome work.

Moreover, abortion activists have wanted to make this pill easily available through the General Practitioner for quite some time now... They are only using the coronavirus crisis as an excuse to push this through, in the hope that it will remain policy after the crisis.

This is a very transparent plan... and we have to put a stop to this.

It is shocking that a terrible health crisis like the current one is being used by abortion lobbyists to push through their desired policies in such a cold-blooded manner. While leaders everywhere seek to save lives, they want to end life... innocent life, voiceless life.

We may hope that other governments are not going to give in to this… but we cannot be sure.

Therefore, we have to make sure.

These days, leaders of the 20 most powerful countries are constantly meeting to discuss the measures they are taking because of the crisis — let’s tell them not to give in to the abortion lobby. Sign and spread this petition  let’s protect the life of all, born and unborn.

The idea is this: if G20 countries go along with this proposal, it will spread throughout the world. If they reject it, this terrible plan may be stopped in its tracks.

In most countries, it is illegal for General Practicioners to prescribe abortion pills to their patients much less to do so with just a phone call.

That is why abortion lobbyists want to give them “temporary” permission to do this anyway... hoping that it will be allowed indefinitely later. Because once it has been allowed, why turn it back?

We cannot allow this terrible policy to become law even temporarily.

We have a moral obligation to fight for a world where the lives of unborn babies are safe.

That is why I ask you to sign the petition to G20 leaders now, to stop this horrible plan in its tracks.

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Reject the push for DIY abortion

Dear G20 leaders,

We are writing to warn you against a new policy proposal that is currently being pushed by abortion lobbyists worldwide:

"Home abortion"

The lobbyists’ idea is to lower the barrier to have an abortion, by letting General Practitioners prescribe abortion pills through ‘telemedicine’ (telephone or videoconference) and delivering them by post. Women can then have an abortion at home.

The lobbyists’ suggestion is that this should be introduced as a ‘temporary’ measure, because of the coronavirus crisis, but in reality, they have been pushing for this for years. And no doubt, once this has been accepted temporarily, they will be pushing for it to stay when the crisis is over.

As the motto of the current G20 presidency is: “Realizing Opportunities of the 21st Century for All”, we ask you: should this not include the unborn babies who risk having their very lives cut short by this terrible new policy?

How can they realize their opportunities, when even the chance of being born is denied to them?

Please do not let yourselves be used as tools by the abortion lobbyists. We ask you to firmly reject the ‘home abortion’ proposal.

[Your Name]

Stop the worldwide push for 'DIY abortion'

Sign this petition now!

295,908 people have signed. Help us reach 500,000 signatures.