For 100% safeguarding – Set up RSE Watchdog!

Prioritise child protection not political correctness


For 100% safeguarding – Set up RSE Watchdog!

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For 100% safeguarding – Set up RSE Watchdog!

The Department for Education is introducing compulsory Relationships Education for primary pupils and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) for secondary pupils from September 2020. Many schools have already integrated this into their curriculum. 

For years  professional RSE providers with a financial interest have pushed for the ‘need’ for compulsory RSE, stating that without it children will grow up ignorant of basic facts about sex and reproduction and will be ill-equipped to face the modern world.

Many parents have unquestioningly accepted this premise without actually being aware of the content that their children may be being exposed to.

A recent poll has revealed that  only 1 in 4 parents know that their primary school children may be taught a militant curriculum which teaches them the unscientific concept that they could be born in the wrong body. Government-funded lobby groups are producing materials designed to be embedded in every section of the curriculum which promotes gender ideology and challenges children to think about whether or not they are really male or female by comparing themselves with gender stereotypes. Such teaching is purely ideological, misleading and confusing to children as well as being in complete opposition to the science curriculum. 

The alarming growth in the number of  children referred to the NHS Gender Identity Service (a 4,400% rise in girls seeking gender reassignment over the past few years) demonstrates how young people are being so easily misled and placed on irreversible pathways with life-changing consequences including permanent sterility and physical damage. 

At a secondary level, the RSE curriculum is introducing  children as young as 13  to pornography and explicit graphic sexual content where they are encouraged to experiment with and explore niche adult practices. 

During lockdown one school was forced to apologise  after one young student was traumatised when their homework included a discussion about  violent and extreme porn. Another local authority implemented a primary school  programme which taught 6 year olds  about  self-stimulation. 

Many of the materials being introduced into schools have been produced by various lobby groups, who have a specific agenda of ‘queering the classroom’; this has the effect of prematurely sexualising children which leaves them open to abuse and exploitation. In addition, many  of these political lobby groups are also invited directly into schools to provide training and workshops to children and staff. 

The evidence shows that exposing children to adult imagery and concepts can permanently alter the physiological development of a child’s brain. Discussing consent for sex and promoting high-risk sexual practices before a child’s pre-frontal cortex (responsible for assessing risk and moderating behaviour) has developed, encourages them to  engage in high-risk sexual behaviours when their brains cannot physiologically keep  them safe from harm.

The intention of RSE is  to keep children safe yet it is currently  exposing children to harm. We are therefore calling on the government to introduce a series of measures which are designed to safely reflect the original intention of RSE and introduce a permanent, robust safeguarding procedure to be monitored by an independent board of advisors.

There are a good number of highly unsuitable and in some cases downright pornographic materials being peddled in our schools.  We want it  to be made mandatory for schools to publish  a list of the resources  that they  are using on  their school websites and for certain explicit and graphic materials to  blacklisted.  We also  want  a new schools safeguarding  committee  set up regarding RSE only, with a protected whistleblowing status.

Parents must also be  properly consulted and their views taken into account. 

If we  want to safeguard children then RSE must be accountable, transparent and  safe. Sign our petition today and demand  better for  our children!

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Protect Children: Make RSE transparent and accountable

To the Secretary of State for Education, Chair of Education Select Committee, Minister for Women and Equalities and the Minister for Children.

Relationships and Sex Education is becoming mandatory in schools during the forthcoming academic year and whilst its intention was to educate and protect children, on many occasions RSE is being used to brainwash and sexualise them.

It has become apparent,  via parents who have been shocked by some teaching in early adopter schools, that many schools have become subject to ‘ideological capture’ promoting materials from political lobby groups, which teach children misleading and harmful concepts such as gender identity  or being born in the wrong body.  These conflict with the Science curriculum as well as undermining parental beliefs and values.

The  massive 4,400%  rise in girls who  have sought gender  reassignment over the past decade can be traced to the concept of inclusiveness used to promote gender ideology in schools. If we do not arrest the ideological brainwashing upstream in schools now, we are complicit  in encouraging a generational disaster.

Equally concerning is the early sexualisation of children promoted by many RSE programmes and the propagation of explicit adult-only material, with children as young as 11 or 12 being exposed to sexually explicit content and being invited to participate in graphic conversations of an adult nature. This encourages children to lower their boundaries making them open to exploitation, grooming and abuse.

One programme, introduced by Warwickshire County Council, taught children as young as six about self-stimulation and was withdrawn following a public outcry. This is just one example of devious resources that are circulating. 

The intention of RSE is to keep children safe yet it is too often exposing them to harm. Safeguarding children must take precedence over political correctness.

I am writing to you, therefore, to demand the implementation of the following measures in order to keep children safe, make RSE transparent and accountable, and keep parents informed:

  • Parliament must set up a new independent RSE watchdog committee regarding the RSE curriculum and its influence throughout the school, with a protected whistleblowing process. 
  • Schools must display RSE resources  and providers on school websites and state whether the school promotes gender theory in any form.
  • Inappropriate RSE resources must be blacklisted.
  • All RSE teaching must be compatible with the science curriculum. 

Yours sincerely, 

[Your Name]

For 100% safeguarding – Set up RSE Watchdog!

Sign this petition now!

38,893 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.