SOS Venezuela

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SOS Venezuela

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SOS Venezuela

Let us raise the voice and join the Venezuelan people to cry out to those who have the power to intervene in the matter, to put an end to this repression.

We can not remain silent, watching the Venezuelan government take more and more power, while the people suffer famine, disease, injustice and misery.

  • 85% of the population rejects the creation of the National Constituent Assembly, not foreseen in the current Constitution and without submitting it to the referendum as contemplated in art. 347
  • More than 7 million Venezuelans showed their rejection of Maduro's 'coup d'etat' last Sunday, July 16
  • The Supreme Court of Justice usurped the functions of the legislative power (National Assembly). A usurpation that the Attorney General called "a rupture of the constitutional order"
  • Detained civilians are not respected by military courts assigned to the Maduro regime
  • Crimes against humanity. There are 120 reported deaths at the hands of the armed and police forces converted into forces of repression of legitimate, peaceful and constitutional protests.
  • Threatens freedom of expression. Human Rights Watch denounces that many journalists have been injured, outraged and damaged or usurped their instruments of work

We call on all of you to join in this petition to request the United States and Canada to protect the Venezuelan people against the massive and systematic violation of their human rights.

Why do we direct our campaign to the United States and Canada?

Because the path of the OAS has been blinded. Its secretary general, Luis Almagro, has maintained a firm stance, but has not achieved the necessary consensus. At the last meeting he managed to increase the support from 14 to 20. Venezuela, which had self-released, appeared surprisingly and managed that Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic and Haiti, who were to vote in favor, abstained.

Because the UN Human Rights Council has approved ZERO resolutions condemning the violation of human rights in Venezuela

Because the new US administration has already made two condemnations and warnings to the venezuela regime that it accuses of 'narco-Estado'.

The battle is clearly uneven and we need foreign intervention by peacekeepers to avoid MASSIVE REPRESSION. Please sign as soon as possible. And share with whomever you deem appropriate.

This petition has been launched by ambassador Alvaro Barios Baptista, Redima Internacional, Movimiento Solidaridad Internacional Venezolano and Flavio Ariel Cesquín

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Urgent decisions on Venezuela

Att. Mr. Donald Trump, president of USA; Mr. Trudeau, prime minister of Canada

I hereby address you with the purpose of requesting the protection of the Venezuelan people from the massive and systematic violation of their human and social rights by the Venezuelan authorities.

Similarly with this same letter, I ask for urgent humanitarian intervention in order to:

  • strengthen services and guarantee essential rights of citizens to maintain a decent standard of living, such as food and safety
  • guarantee the so-called social rights, such as health care, non-ideological public education and health, by providing the necessary medicines for the prevention and treatment of diseases
  • ensuring that human rights are respected, especially in prisons
  • guarantee freedom of conscience and expression
  • release of political prisoners
  • ensuring the impartiality of Judges
  • to ensure the faithful compliance with the constitution, laws and provisions that guarantee the right of political organization and participation of citizens
  • convene and organize the electoral processes, ensuring their normal development; Declare the outcome and validity of the election

Trusting that my appeal will find a positive response, I take the opportunity to express to you my highest consideration.

[Your Name]

SOS Venezuela

Sign this petition now!

59,509 people have signed. Help us reach 100,000 signatures.