Confusing and harmful "transgendering" - no place in UK primary schools

Protect the innocence of children: No to "transgendering" in UK primary schools


Confusing and harmful "transgendering" - no place in UK primary schools

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Confusing and harmful "transgendering" - no place in UK primary schools

Each year, in Britain, up to 80 primary school-aged children are seeking help in potentially changing their gender. The popularity of this fad appears in clusters, apparently with children copying others in the same school.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the radical(ly confused) gender ideology present in certain circles is beginning to enter our schools. Susie Green, chair of Mermaids, a charity which tries to help "transgender" persons in conformity with this confused ideology, has said that children as young as four are beginning the process of so-called "transitioning".

Quite what this means for children this age is not clear, but, by the time they reach puberty, if they have been "diagnosed" with "gender dysphoria" (or Gender Identity Disorder), they could be treated with hormone blockers to prevent the onset of puberty. Later, as adults, they could receive hormone "therapy", i.e. artificial testosterone or oestrogen, and then sex change surgery, if desired.

Once begun, this process is difficult to reverse, causing unknown changes to one's brain circuitry and physical nature.

Therefore, to begin such a process at the behest of a confused child is, at minimum, foolish, and, at worst, exploitative and abusive.

To be clear: some children are being encouraged to believe that if they are, at times, confused about their own gender (perhaps a boy would like to be a girl or vice versa) then they might be "transgender", and perhaps they should "transition" to become the opposite gender. That is, they may believe that their body does not match the gender they feel they are, so they should change their body to correspond to their delusions.

In North West England, a primary school has faced a backlash for refusing to accept an eight year-old girl’s request to be treated as a boy. Apparently, such stand-offs are “very common”, and the possibility of a legal challenge cannot be ruled out.

But, according to a professor of psychiatry at one of the top medical universities in the US, John Hopkins, 70-80% of children “spontaneously lost those feelings” over a time.

So, on top of everything else, the majority of children grow out of this delusion, alerting us to the fact that intervention of any kind, is rarely needed.

We must alert our ministers to what is going on, and the great harm that can be caused to children. Encouraging a child to “transition” comes close to child abuse, as the innocent children become an experiment for a deeply confused movement.

Where there is a genuine problem, psychiatric treatment is needed for what is clearly a profound mental disorder.

As such, there should be no place for the promotion of the exploitative approach of "transgendering" in UK primary schools.

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Promotion of "transgendering" has no place in schools

  • Dear Ms Caroline Dinenage MP - Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Women, Equalities and Family Issues,
  • Dear Mr Edward Timpson MP - Minister of State for Children and Families,
  • Dear Mr Sam Gyimah MP - Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Childcare and Education
  • Dear Ms Nicky Morgan MP - Secretary of State for Education,

There have been recent reports of children in primary school, some as young as four, who have started "transitioning" to the gender which is not their own. Whatever choices an adult might make about their body, we should not be leading our children to be believe that they might have gender identity issues and helping them "transition" to the other gender.

As well as forcing a harmful ideology on children who know no better, the long terms effects of "transitioning" are likely to be disastrous with 70-80% of children "spontaneously [losing] the feelings of belonging to the other gender" (Dr. Paul McHugh – Professor of Psychiatry, John Hopkins Hospital). Preparing a child to live as the gender they are not is close to a form of child abuse, and, for those in genuine need, psychiatric treatment is required for what is clearly a mental disorder.

We urge you to produce clear guidelines for schools ensuring that this dangerous and false gender ideology is not promoted among children. Keep our children safe from this ideology, which is opposed to reality and is known to be deeply harmful.

Thank you for your serious consideration.

[Your Name]

Confusing and harmful "transgendering" - no place in UK primary schools

Sign this petition now!

7,515 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.