Stop CSE! Jamaican youth at risk

A petition to protect Jamaican youth


Stop CSE! Jamaican youth at risk

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Stop CSE! Jamaican youth at risk

UPDATE 27 April:  The Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society (JCHS) has received an email purportedly from ‘UNICEF Jamaica’ but not over the signature of any official from UNICEF Jamaica. The email stated that UNICEF Jamaica did not create a “programme with so-called "Comprehensive Sexuality Education” and did not create “any material designed for children in Places of Safety.” In the same email, UNICEF Jamaica has admitted that it provided financial support to its Jamaican partners “the Child Development Agency and the National Family Planning Board to implement a programme of activities which are locally designed and led.”

The JCHS acknowledges the UNICEF Jamaica objection, however, this does not in any way alter the objectives of the petition calling for the total rejection of the manual entitled ‘UNICEF Teacher Training Manual Places of Safety Curriculum Guide’, and also any other curriculum containing any element of Comprehensive Sexuality Education as this is unfit for any programme or activities involving Jamaican children.

We also note that the Acknowledgments paragraph in the Manual state that "This manual would not be possible without the enthusiastic collaboration, commitment, energy and insight of persons from the three partnering entities, National Family Planning Board, UNICEF and Child Development Agency. Recognition should be given to them for their assiduous work and contribution. “

See the Manual in its entirety here.

Right now, a UNICEF programme with so-called "Comprehensive Sexuality Education" (CSE) is being planned for children in Places of Safety. Of all places, they are targeting young children who are parentless or have been abused. 
Most CSE programmes include components such as:
  • Teaching that promiscuity is a right;
  • Promoting dangerous "alternative" sexual practices which increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Encouraging children to experiment sexually with members of the same sex and of the opposite sex;
  • Teaching children to advocate for so-called "sexual rights";
  • Exposure to explicit and p*rnographic content;
  • Encouraging children to use condoms at an early age without informing them of potential failure rates;
  • Disregarding parental values and parental involvement in education; and
  • Demeaning "traditional" moral, religious, and cultural values shared by families and the community.
This is a dangerous proposal that must be stopped. Jamaican children should be taught holistically about sex, not from an agenda-driven ideological perspective that demeans our traditional cultural values.
Other previous attempts to impose the CSE curriculum on Jamaica's children include:
  • The controversial sexuality and sexual health segments of the Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) curricula for Grades 7-9 in 2012,
  • An unauthorized Healthy Sexual Growth and Development in Marginalised Youth manual and programme in six private Children's Homes in 2014 run by Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), Family Planning Association of Jamaica (FAMPLAN, the IPPF office in Jamaica) and Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVCC).
Even worse, Macmillan, the trusted educational book publisher from the UK, has joined in with a recently published 7-book series of "Health and Family Life" aimed at desensitizing our children in primary schools.
Please take action by signing our letter of petition to the Government of Jamaica, particularly the Minister of Education, Youth, and Information, Senator the Honourable Ruel Reid and Junior Minister Honourable Floyd Green. Each signature on this petition sends an automatic email to their office, expressing your concern!

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Stop Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Dear Minister Reid,

I write to express my outrage at the continued attempts to indoctrinate Jamaica's children with harmful and illicit ideas on human sexuality. This is being effected through a curriculum known as Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). I am distressed that international agencies and local supporters are again seeking to surreptitiously impose this objectionable curricula on the most vulnerable population of our nation – our children.

I am therefore calling upon you to:

  • Withdraw all on-going or intended programmes containing any and all elements of CSE whether in Health and Family Life Education, HIV/AIDS prevention programmes or other connotations,
  • Ban the re-introduction of any and all elements of CSE in its various connotations from any curricula or programme in Jamaica,
  • Reject as inappropriate for children any books for primary level or any age level that contains any element of CSE such as the Macmillan Health and Family Life books,
  • Revise the HFLE curricula to teach including age appropriate sex education that promotes:
  1. Wholesome, evidence-based, risk-avoidance and harm elimination,
  2. The ideals of abstinence, of sex within marriage, zero tolerance for all kinds of sexual activity for children, that is, persons under the age of consent,
  3. A biological view of gender, not gender fluidity, while offering compassion and assistance for those struggling with their sexuality.

Such a curriculum will recognise that some young people will not delay sexual activity however, children will be provided with knowledge of harm reduction for example as in the use of contraception, while showing them the harmful outcomes that can ensue from early sexual activity.

This form of sex education curriculum will recognize and respect the rights of parents and guardians in guiding and influencing the education of their children.

I respectfully ask that you give this matter your urgent action. Decisive action is necessary if Jamaica is to protect our vulnerable children from illogical philosophies with proven unhealthy outcomes. The future of our nation -and our nation's children - is at stake.

[Your Name]

Stop CSE! Jamaican youth at risk

Sign this petition now!

1,137 people have signed. Help us reach 2,000 signatures.