Massachusetts’ churches forced to comply with transgender ideology - Sign here



Massachusetts’ churches forced to comply with transgender ideology - Sign here

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Massachusetts’ churches forced to comply with transgender ideology - Sign here

In Massachusetts, it’s now illegal for churches to teach biblical standards of gender and sexuality during any event that is open to the public. Which, for most churches, includes almost all church functions—most especially, sermons.

This encroachment on freedom of speech and freedom of religion in the pulpit is alarming and not contained in Massachusetts. In July, we asked for your help fighting a similar regulation in Iowa preventing churches from preaching on biblical sexuality. That fight is still underway and we are making great progress.

Nonetheless, it’s obvious that the ability of the “transgender” movement to silence Christians through legal action is spreading across our nation like wildfire.

It is critical that Christians unite to fight back against this unprecedented and unconscionable squelching of our ability to practice what we believe. Please sign this petition and ask the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination to protect Christians from religious discrimination against biblical truth.

The Commission has stated that any time churches hold events that are open to the public, they are required to adhere to the Commission’s guidelines of non-discrimination.

This “non-discrimination” decree includes a ban of all statements or comments about the morality of the transgender lifestyle. Even referring to a man who is confused about his gender identity as a “he” could land church attendees, and the church body as a whole, in trouble with the commission.

As Christians, we are called to love our neighbors struggling with gender dysphoria. That means preaching the truth, not approving of a lifestyle that will ultimately devastate their lives. Churches must be places that welcome to all and where refugees of the sexual revolution can come for healing. Church can love AND speak the truth by commending a better way.

But if we are prevented from speaking the truth, how will we serve our neighbors who are confused about who God made them to be?

We fight for the freedom to preach the truth of the gospel, not for our own comfort, but for the well-being of our lost neighbors all around us. We must remain steadfast in our commitment to biblical morality, and we must gather together to fight to preserve this critical right to say what we believe from the pulpit.

We must be able to preach the truth!

Will you join with us? Together we can make a difference.

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New requirement discriminates against Christianity

Dear Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination,

It has come to my attention that you are now requiring churches to adhere to transgender conformity. This is something that Bible-believing Christians cannot do in good conscience.

We believe that the Bible teaches that living a transgender lifestyle is sinful and harmful. So to require us to condone that lifestyle would be to require us to support something we think is wrong. In any event, this requirement severely burdens the freedom of speech and religion. If a pastor can’t speak openly from the pulpit, where can he speak openly? If a Christian can’t say what he believes in church, where can he express his faith?

As you can see, this new requirement discriminates against Christianity and the free speech and religious exercise rights of Christians. Respectfully, we ask you to consider our rights, as well. Please don’t discriminate against Bible-believing Christians and ask us to do something we cannot do.

Please revise your position in favor of diversity and tolerance. Our religious beliefs should also be tolerated in this pluralistic society.

[Your Name]

Massachusetts’ churches forced to comply with transgender ideology - Sign here

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1,216 people have signed.