Stop Common Core in Michigan Schools - Michigan Students Deserve Better!

Petition to: Senate Majority Leader Meekhof


Stop Common Core in Michigan Schools - Michigan Students Deserve Better!

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Stop Common Core in Michigan Schools - Michigan Students Deserve Better!

Education should remain an institution primarily overseen by parents, taking into account their position of primary educators of their children.

Decisions concerning the education of children should be conducted at the local level, with little interference from the State. Any influences by the Federal Government should be kept within the confines of the U.S. Constitution.

Common Core does neither of these things.

It is also using an entire nation of school-aged students as subjects in an experiment. In the last 6 years since implementation, this experiment has lowered standards, frustrated students, and lowered results.

These are serious issues which cannot be dealt with by trying to “fix” Common Core.

For these reasons, this petition to Repeal and Replace Common Core, started by a group of Michigan parents and concerned citizens, Stop Common Core in Michigan (501C4) and supported by CitizenGO – seeks urgent support of Michigan Senate Bill 826, and, Michigan House Bill 5444, as passed out of the State Senate Education Committee, without amendment. We want a transparent process with recorded votes, even for small changes.

By signing this petition, you will make it known that you want Michigan Representatives and Senators to support these Bills.

Thank you!


Repeal & Replace Common Core in MI - Bill Summary - Senate Bill 826 and House Bill 5444

The goal of this legislation is to repeal the unproven, nationally driven Common Core standards and assessments in Michigan. It is written to require the use of evidence based, best practice standards and assessments while respecting and encouraging local school district leadership in academic educational practices. The legislation requires all changes to standards and assessments be approved by the Michigan Legislature, to ensure a more transparent process.

Details include:
· Repeals Common Core (CC) in its entirety.
· Defines immediate replacement of standards as the proven and superior Massachusetts pre-CC standards.
· All references to Massachusetts (MA) will become MI, including State of MI history.
· Confirms parental right to Opt-Out of objectionable assignments, tests, surveys, etc. without consequences.
· Clarifies that the new standards can be revised and adopted after five years in MI.
· Terminates federal control of the MI education process.
· Prohibits MI standards from being developed in a national or multi-state consortium.
· Confirms responsibilities of the local districts; allows defining their own standards.
· Clarifies that locals not using state standards will not suffer financial repercussions.

Defines a new assessment as the pre-CC Massachusetts assessment.
· Restricts development of a new assessment to five years.
· Will not require, but can use, computer technology.
· Will not permit the collection of data about student’s values, attitudes, beliefs and personality traits.
· Requires public availability of test questions used for test transparency.
· Must be approved by the state legislature with a transparent process.

Thank you for signing and helping Michigan’s children. They are suffering under Common Core and the aligned testing!


Text of Senate Bill No. 826 -

Text of House Bill No. 5444 -

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Petition to: Senate Majority Leader Meekhof

For the Kind Attention of the Michigan State House and Senate Leadership:

  • Mr Kevin Cotter - Speaker of the House
  • Mr Tim Greimel - Democratic Leader
  • Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof
  • Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich

Parents, teachers, and concerned citizens of Michigan are rightly alarmed by the imposition of Common Core in Michigan.

As parents, teachers, and concerned citizens of Michigan, we fundamentally believe that education should remain at the local level, and not be co-opted by the Federal Government.

To that end, we are asking you to support Michigan Senate Bill 826 and Michigan House Bill 5444, as passed the State Senate Education Committee – without amendment. These Bills provide for the repeal and replacement of Common Core, and the related testing, in Michigan schools.

The Michigan Repeal and Replace Common Core Bills will return final control of standards back to school districts and reconfirm parent opt-out rights, while preventing financial punishment by the government.

These Bills would give Michigan students the best proven standards and tests in the nation, prior to Common Core.

Michigan students deserve the best. Michigan citizens deserve this less costly plan, as well.

These Bills will assist the people of Michigan in the termination of all plans, programs, activities, efforts and expenditures relating to the implementation of the educational initiative referred to as Common Core.

Thank you for your serious consideration.

[Your Name]

Stop Common Core in Michigan Schools - Michigan Students Deserve Better!

Sign this petition now!

945 people have signed. Help us reach 1,000 signatures.