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Jamaica Coalition For A Healthy Society  

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the socio-economic fortunes of Jamaica.

The number of citizens who are being hospitalised or have died from Covid-19 continues to increase.

The question must be asked, are all available options being utilized?

The Jamaican Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms guarantees to each citizen personal autonomy to live life and to make decisions that are of fundamental personal importance, such as medical care, free from state interference. 

Right now, a UNICEF programme with so-called "Comprehensive Sexuality Education" (CSE) is being planned for children in Places of Safety. Of all places, they are targeting young children who are parentless or have been abused.

La société de la Communauté des Caraïbes (CARICOM) est attaquée ! Vous êtes invités à signer cette Déclaration et l’appel à l’attention des leaders politiques des Caraïbes, qui sera soumise à temps pour la 36e Conférence ordinaire des Chefs de gouvernement de la Communauté des Caraïbes (CARICOM) qui se tiendra à la Barbade du 2 au 4 juillet2015.

Los próximos 2-4 de julio se celebra en Barbados la 36ª Conferencia de Jefes de Estado y de Gob ierno del Caribe (CARICOM). Diles lo que reclaman las naciones caribeñas.

Societies in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) are under attack! You are invited to sign your name to this Declaration and Appeal to the Caribbean political leadership, which will be submitted in time for the 36th Regular Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to be held in Barbados from July 2 to 4, 2015.