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It’s Christmas time in America which means storefronts everywhere will be a bit brighter and radio stations a bit more joyful. There are many symbols of Christmas in our secular culture. There’s Santa or Frosty the Snowman. There’s talk of elves and magical reindeer. We get Christmas trees and stockings for our fireplaces.

At one time the University of California, Berkeley proudly stood for free speech and freedom of thought. Those days are over. Students a now must completely conform to the new sexual orthodoxy or face the venomous rage of the student body. 

President Trump has announced his nominee to fill the empty Supreme Court seat. That nominee is Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

A couple of weeks ago, President Donald J. Trump was the very first POTUS to address the Susan B. Anthony List gala. While speaking at the podium, he quoted Jeremiah 1:5: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart."

Stand together with other Californians. Sign our petition against the harmful comprehensive sexuality education curriculum that is plaguing California schools and eliminating parents’ rights.

Lawmakers in California are partnering with school districts to force students to learn a horrific sex education curriculum.

In a very short amount of time, America has been completely transformed by the new wave of the sexual revolution. Twenty years ago, “gay marriage” was a hypothetical concept and hardly anyone had even heard about transgenderism. But today, gay marriage is normal and being “gender nonconforming” is celebrated to the point of nonsense.

Unfortunately, many people in our culture are arguing that all babies with Down syndrome should be aborted.

On February 22, Harvard College put the school's largest Christian student organization on "academic probation." Their crime?

Last Friday, the Utah State Senate voted 26-1 to send Senate Bill 118 (SB 118) - Abortion Law Amendments (Informed Consent) - to its third reading. This is the last step needed before the Bill is sent to the State House, where it would go through a similar process.

So, although the Bill still has hurdles to overcome, it has a great start in the Legislature.

OkCupid’s “DTF” advertising campaign promotes lesbian sex, prostitution, drug use, and promiscuity, and it will be viewed by millions, including children, in public spaces.  Click "Sign" to join our petition asking that OkCupid's "DTF" advertisements be removed immediately. 

Massage parlors and "spas" are popping up in places you would least, in the Westerville (OH) Square Shopping Center (complete with a Walmart Supercenter and a Smashburger and a PNC Bank). And, located only 7/10 of a mile from the local high school, and only 1.2 miles from the local elementary school.

The 'gender unicorn' - a cartoon character designed by the Trans Student Educational Resources, a group of gender-confused youth activists - has made an appearance at the Rancho Romero Elementary School, which is part of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, located not far from San Francisco.

Parents in Temple, Texas are rallying against the imposition of the LGBT agenda on their children.

The 30,000 students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst are subject to some of the worst restrictions on free speech at university-level in the United States.

Just in time for Christmas...another "Grinch" story...or, maybe you can help change it......

This story begins at The Holy Donut shop in Portland, Maine.

On December 2, 2017, at least 13 pro-lifers in 3 cities across the US - in Alexandria, VA, in Washington, DC, and in Bloomfield Township/Detroit, MI - simultaneously entered abortion centers, with the intention of encouraging women who had scheduled abortions to change their minds and choose life.

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) Executive Committee recently decided to update a policy so as to allow boys who think they are girls, and vice versa, to play on teams of the opposite sex - without proof (medical, or otherwise) of their gender dysphoria.

Paul Johnson is a grandfather a committed Christian, who lives in Tennessee and has a passion for publicly spreading the word of God.

The Democratic Governor of the state of Delaware, John Carney, sent a memo to the Delaware Department of Education, to address "discrimination" in the public schools of the state. The DOE's proposal allows for a child to "...self-identify [their] gender or race...," with school personnel making the decision about whether or not to consult that child's parents.

Parents are the primary educators of their children - both in terms of practical and personal matters - the school system has no right to insert itself into such a delicate situation.

Please sign this URGENT petition now. Thank you!