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10 years ago, the idea that children would be at risk of getting their bodies cut apart by doctors would seem unthinkable.

Nowadays, doctors, social workers, and therapists are actually doing it.

New Data has Emerged that 1,100+ Adolescent ‘Gender Affirming’ Mastectomies have been performed on kids.

We are winning the fight against Disney - it is now time they learn their lesson for good!

A Vermont middle school coach and his daughter were suspended for allegedly targeting and misgendering a trans-identified student who entered the girl's locker room. 

This is an attack against free speech, and a school district bullying a father and his daughter for speaking the truth. 

As the cold nights roll in, hundreds of thousands of families, children, and older people could be left in the dark without heat due to soaring energy costs that we just can’t afford.

The National Public Radio station recently aired a live abortion over the radio. 

A mother and her child were exposed and broadcast to the world, as doctors murdered, dismembered, and vacuumed an innocent baby from out of their mother. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that they voted 15-0 in favor of adding the Covid-19 vaccine to the standard immunization schedule for children attending grade school through high school. 

Critical Race theory is a real and present danger in our schools. 

It is fostering an environment of hatred, guilt, and false history in our classrooms.

It is primarily dangerous for white students, who are now the targets of racist zealots, like teacher Victoria Rosenberg, who teaches middle school English at the NAIS-affiliated St. Matthew’s Parish School. 

Over the past months, It has become clear that Facebook purposefully censors conservatives. They have also begun handing out our information, to the FBI. 

The FBI has had a long history of corruption and political bias. We have recently witnessed the FBI raid several top conservative homes, such as Donald Trump, and Steve Bannon, among others. 

We are watching the threads of Old Glory come undone. 

The U.S. military has embraced the LGBTQ and gender ideology. They have banned Cisgender men from a fellowship program, and are enforcing transgender pronouns, and "gender neutral" language. 

NYC fashion week has always been a platform for the left to unveil new and progressive themes, and make political statements. 

They have gone too far this time. This goes beyond anything that has been done before.

Fashion week has featured a 10-year-old "Transgender" child, who was touted as an example of how "progressive" and "woke" the organization is. 

Disturbing. That is the word that describes planned parenthood and their culture of death. 

Planned Parenthood has been exposed for selling the body parts of the children they kill on the abortion table. 

I don't know if you heard. A Netflix children's series has included a lesbian kiss in a series aimed at 7 year olds! Have we gone crazy?

I tell you: the series Jurassic World (Camp Cretaceous in Spanish) narrates the adventures of a group of teenagers abandoned on Isla Nublar, evacuated after the events of Jurassic World 2015.

On September 2, the UN General Assembly can decide on a resolution that could be an important stepping stone for the international acceptance of abortion as a human right.

It is very worrying that Hungary and Poland are currently among the supporters of the resolution!

It is shocking, but sadly true.

Huge multi-national companies like Amazon and Apple are paying their employees to abort babies.

The Netherlands Minister of Health, Ernst Kuipers, announced on June 27, 2022 that the government plans to approve a protocol to permit child euthanasia in October.

I remember when we could count on Republicans to stand by Christians and members of the faith-based community and declare that marriage is a sacred institution between one man and one woman.

Now they are days away from selling us out. 

The Biden Administration has just instructed the ICE border control to perform Abortions on any immigrant that crosses the border. 

Our border is flooded as it is with people who want to come here, either legally, or illegally. Regardless if they are legal or not, the lives of these immigrants matter just as much as yours or mine. As do their children. 

Our public schools are using your tax dollars to fund LGBTQ+ indoctrination. 

Drag Queens, who are grown men dressed up in stereotyped female clothes, and grotesque makeup, are performing in multiple schools throughout NYC. 

A terrorist group known as “Janes revenge” has initiated violent attacks against several communities as a result of the Roe Vs. Wade leak. 

As soon as these evil radicals discovered that abortion was under threat, they revealed their true colors. 

These terrorists are allied with death. 

State Farm, an insurance company that insures millions of Americans, has chosen to betray basic laws of decency, and morality to pander to the LGBTQ agenda. In a shocking move,

State Farm has been intentionally trying to target kindergartners for discussions around transgender issues, and sexual identity issues, which are completely inappropriate.