Binational Profamily Prolife Leage

Please remove the LGBTQ flag from the top of the El Paso County building. This flag is not a government and or military and does not reflect the views of the majority of the citizens of El Paso. This flag promotes an ideology and a group of people that has a very particular point of view.

In recent weeks, there have been instances of statues of Father Junipero Serra being removed or vandalized, along with calls to eliminate his name and likeness in public places.

The public Libraries of El Paso are letting transvestites to promote and  indoctrinate Children of El Paso on the Gender Ideology and LGBTQ lifestyle. The "Drag Queen Story Hour" held in the Main Library Branch has to STOP. Children are pure and innocent and their minds need to be safe from the perversion and ideologies contraries to human nature.

El Paso Electric es una empresa de servicio público y no debe usar el dinero que pagan los usuarios para apoyar ideologías LGBTQ.


"El Paso Electric is a Utility and should not be using rate payers money to promote ideologies and lifestyles that harm family life."

El consejo de recortes de universidades de Texas ha elegid a Heather Wilson como nueva presidenta de la Universidad de Texas en El Paso. El totalitarismo ideológico la trata de censurar por no compartir sus postulados. Defiende su nombramiento

We support the Texas Board of Regents to elect Dr. Heather Wilson as President of UTEP and we welcome her and believe that we can work together to make of UTEP a family friendly University. Thanks for this decision and Bienvenida Ms. Wilson a El Paso!

El Departamento de Destination El Paso que depende de El Departamento de Desarrollo Economico y Turismo de la Ciudad De El Paso esta promoviento e impulsando la agenda LGBTQ. Este departamento esta llevando a cabo una serie de estrategias para promover el estilo de vida gay.

The Department of Destination El Paso that depends on the Department of Economic Development and Tourism of the City of El Paso is promoting the LGBTQ agenda. This department is implementing a series of strategies to promote the gay lifestyle.