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Zvieratá rušia ostatných nájomcov bytov štekotom, znečisťovaním spoločných priestorov a zápachom, poškodzujú majetok prenajímateľa.

perchè è inaccettabile una teoria tanto infondata

Damit kein Mord geschieht

The American Academy of Family Physicians just accepted a resolution to have "engaged neutrality" toward Physician Assisted Suicide and to reject even using the term "Physician Assisted Suicide." They will likely favor Medical Aid in Dying, as in Canada. However, it's not neutrality at all!

Die Pflichtnoten stellen hohe Ansprüche and die Schülerinnen und Schüler, die für eine zwar leicht erfüllbar, für andere jedoch eine große Herausforderung sind. Sport könnte eine gute Einbringung in den Abiturschnitt darstellen, wenn durch besagte Hürden die Noten nicht verschlechtert würden.

Important to save health of our children, our communities, our country, to have clean air free from stinking smoke!!!!!

nie wiem jak to usłyszałam na cb czekam przy krzyżu na was odwiedzimy na to patrzę w Łomży czy na Angola wricucur 6

Despite warnings from competent health professionals, and despite significant outcry from thousands of Canadian citizens across the country (particularly from those who work with at-risk communities such as aboriginals and youth), the Canadian government has nonetheless decided to move ahead with full legalization.

Men, women, boys and girls who wish to keep their sexual identity to the one they were born into with all the biological, scientific make up of male or female should have the right to defend their original biological make up. Why should LGBT dictate otherwise.

Son cantidades enormes de personas de ese país que pasan por Guatemala, buscando el sueño americano. En Guatemala se les ha dado toda clase de ayuda especialmente a los niños que lamentablemente son muchos, me causa tristeza verlos con sus caritas de inocentes, cansados, aburridos y sin comprender que pasa, por favor pidamos que nada les pasa y logren una solución.

Abortion is killing unborn children and endangering the lives of the mothers hence should be stopped.It is immoral and it is murder.

preserver le cadre de vie

Canada is being destroy by our garvenment。

Petição a favor da Missa na Forma extraordinária do rito romano (Missa Tridentina)

Die Unfallgefahr an dieser Kreuzung in Wiesloch ist enorm. Viele Schüler müssen die Straße, die zum Teil uneinsichtich ist, überqueren und die Richtgeschwindigkeit der Autofahrer beträgt 50km/h.
Die Straße führ zu dem großen Schulzentrum, allerdings ist es auch Berufsverkehrs-Fahrweg

It makes Marijuana easy to get. Kids can easily get intoxicate.

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Mis series coreanas favoritas las encuentro aquí.

Porque esse sistema de urna eletrônica é falho como vimos denúncias no primeiro turno