Protect Vincent Lambert's Life

Petition to: President Emmanuel Macron


Protect Vincent Lambert's Life

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Protect Vincent Lambert's Life

Vincent Lambert is currently being killed in France. We need to act now to save him. 

On May 20, the hospital in Reims, France, where Vincent Lambert is living, began to deeply sedate him and withdraw the tube that provides him food and water. Later in the day, a Court of Appeals in Paris ordered that he continue to receive food and fluids.

But on Friday, June 28, France’s highest court overturned the decision of the Court of Appeals in Paris. Now, since July 2nd, Lambert is once again being sedated and dehydrated. This forced dehydration will eventually cause his death. He will die of thirst, and he will suffer terribly

Lambert, who has been living with a cognitive disability since a motorcycle accident in 2008, breathes on his own and does not require medical treatment. He only requires basic care, including food and fluids. His wife petitioned the court in 2015 to have food and fluids withheld, but his parents have been trying to save his life.

A few weeks ago, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of People with Disabilities petitioned the French government to prevent Vincent Lambert from being killed by dehydration. They stated that Lambert's death by dehydration contravenes his rights as a person with disabilities. Section 25f of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities requires nations to:

25(f) Prevent discriminatory denial of health care or health services or food and fluids on the basis of disability.

Sign this petition to French President Emmanuel Macron urging him to intervene in the case of Vincent Lambert. 

Lambert is not dying, and withholding food and fluids will cause him to die of dehydration.

No human being should ever be intentionally killed by euthanasia or dehydration.

Protect Vincent Lambert's life!


Letter to President Emmanuel Macron (IN ENGLISH):

I am writing to you because you are the only person with the power to intervene. 

In April 2018, during your speech at the Collège des Bernardins, (a French Catholic academy)  you said this:

"You consider that our duty is to protect life, especially when this life is defenseless. From the life of the unborn child, to the person on the threshold of death or the life of the refugee who has lost everything, you see this common trait of destitution, nakedness and absolute vulnerability. "

You are the only person who can prevent the murder of Vincent Lambert.

Vincent Lambert is not at the end of his life, he is disabled. A person is in the process of being killed on account of his disability. 

Surely you do not want to be remembered as the President of the Republic who reinstated the concept of euthanasia for the most vulnereable?

You can still save Vincent Lambert.

A courageous gesture from you to protect and defend life will be recorded for posterity. 

Yours faithfully 


Read article: Vincent Lambert is saved from death by dehydration, today.

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Petition to: President Emmanuel Macron

Monsieur le Président de la République,

Je vous écris, car vous êtes le seul à pouvoir intervenir.

En avril 2018, lors de votre discours au collège des Bernardins, vous affirmiez :

« Vous considérez que notre devoir est de protéger la vie, en particulier lorsque cette vie est sans défense. Entre la vie de l’enfant à naître, celle de l’être parvenu au seuil de la mort, ou celle du réfugié qui a tout perdu, vous voyez ce trait commun du dénuement, de la nudité et de la vulnérabilité absolue. »

Vous êtes la seule personne à pouvoir empêcher le meurtre de Vincent Lambert.

Vincent Lambert n’est pas en fin de vie, il est en situation de handicap. Or, c’est une mise à mort d’un handicapé qui est en train d’être réalisé.

J’imagine que vous ne voulez pas être le Président de la République qui rétablirait l’euthanasie des personnes les plus fragiles.

Vous pouvez encore sauver Vincent Lambert.

L’histoire retiendra ce geste de courage de votre part pour protéger la vie.

Je vous prie d’agréer, Monsieur le Président de la République, l’expression de ma considération la plus distinguée.

[Uw Naam]

Protect Vincent Lambert's Life

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